Hoa San Ho Restaurant



Located at No. 9 Tran Quang Dieu street, Cai Dam road, Bai Chay Ward, Halong city – Hoa San Ho Restaurant offers scenery overlooking the majestic Halong Bay. Hoa San Ho (Coral restaurant) is equipped with large space that accommodate up to 500 guests. It includes 12 private rooms which named according to colors of species of coral. The restaurant’s dining room can accommodate 12 to 45 guests that is suitable for parties or friend reunion. In addition, a large dining hall of the restaurant is possible to accommodate up to 200 guests.

Hoa San Ho restaurant
Hoa San Ho restaurant

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Exceptional service and gourmet food

With an extensive menu, ranging from rustic dishes to gourmet cuisine, the restaurant has some food to suit every palate. Hoa San Ho restaurant is proud to enrich Vietnamese cuisine, as well as bring splendor of indigenous food to foreigner guests.

Enjoy tasty food
Enjoy tasty food

The restaurant serves tasty food made by professional chefs using imported ingredients such as Alaska shrimp, King crabs, lamb, Australian beef. Other dishes you can expect include: sea cucumber, sa sung, oyster, clams, snails, squid, urchin, goose, etc. Those food are suitable for those ones trying to amp up nutrition of meal.

Armed with cozy atmosphere and exquisite interior design, guests can enjoy a intimate meal with your loved ones while watching food are prepared by chefs.


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