Eco-Tourism In Xuan Dam Village

Eco-tourism in Xuan Dam village
Eco-tourism in Xuan Dam village

Xuan Dam village is located about 15 km away from Cat Ba, blessed with spectacular mountains overlooking the sea, breathtaking landscape, rich biodiversity. Xuan Dam village is a perfect mix of green mountain and splendor of sea.

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Xuan Dam village

Spring Day in the village makes a good sense in particular. Panoramic view of green hills, hidden far twisty roads, castle looming rows of white cotton extract. Stroll along the road to the hill which led to the farm, you will see plenty of floral. The flow of streams gurgle Goi cool and warm at the swamp’s forest. Folk legend tells that women of this region have flawless skin due to mineral water bath at Goi stream.

spectacular mountain
spectacular mountain

Outside where the sea borders, 05 hectares of mangroves, while keeping the original primitive, this is one of those areas also hold mangrove ecosystems in the island’s largest Vietnam. Thanks to mangroves, biodiversity becomes diverse and it also prevents damage of flood. If you have opportunity to visit Xuan Dam village in autumn, you can admire flocks of migratory birds reside here which evoke a feeling of calm and earnest of mother earth.

What to discover?

Let’s stop at Di Don sandy beach – one of the outstanding archaeological site in Cat Ba Island – located in the Don area of the Mac, on a large mound 100m from the coast, where the artifacts are unlike the Cai Beo archaeological artifacts (Cat Ba town) or Marina Beach (Hien Hao commune). The kind of stone is grinding groove table, polished table, anvils, stone flaking, especially axes, adzes plays hiccup. The objects of pottery is porous thin, simple patterns. There are some fragments of bone, animal teeth, shell scallops. It exists the formation and development of the inhabitants of Vietnam’s northeastern coast, especially in the area of Cat Ba islandCat Hai, from about 2,500 to 2,700 years ago.

Local life
Local life

When evening came, the sea here ravishingly beautiful, no big waves, clear sea water, golden sand; not arrogant but charming, makes her inclined to silhouetted mountains, such as the distance Footbinding hospitable. Guests can enjoy swimming or playing in the sand in the sunset. The afternoon sun on the Doi Cat Don beach is fierce with vivid color.


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